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Countdown to Christmas

How to radiate inside out

"Follow my 8-week countdown to Christmas and New Year and you will enjoy the festive season far more. All it takes is a little willpower to eat, drink and exercise sensibly and still be merry" says Angela Falaschi.

With Christmas around the corner, you're probably gearing up right now for the emergency last minute exercise blitz to get in shape for the party season. When the pounds have crept back, you are resigned to doing post New Year penance.

If you take special care in these coming months, you can keep your health in top form, look younger and keep stress under control.

Angela Falaschi, nutritional therapist, homeopath and iridologist, is one of Britain's few people to have expertise in all three areas. Angela has over 15 years of experience at The Hale Clinic as well as many private clients and consultations from which to draw lessons for this special time of year. Angela has devised an easy comfortable program which we will prepare you to enjoy the festive season far more.

Christmas is an overindulgent time to enjoy with family and friends, but if you learn to minimise the effect done by alcohol, snacks and all the extra foods you will radiate beauty and celebrate a guilt free Christmas. A customised program will be prepared according to your life style and eating habits, making this the best Christmas for you.

The program can help you:

  • Lose weight
  • Feel fit
  • Increase vitality and energy
  • Expert advice on diet week by week
  • How to make gradual changes
  • Teaching foods with low Glycaemic index to maintain stable sugar levels and so preventing continuing snacking.
  • Have a clear mind with the right foods
  • How to reduce or minimise stress with a devised programme

Designed to help you lose weight, feel fit, have more energy and stamina, clearer mind and be less stressed.

We all know that avoiding over-indulgence at Christmas is as likely as winning the lottery, so Angela will provide tips to help you minimise the damage done by alcohol, how to prevent hangovers, and prepare healthy snacks.

Most of us want to avoid putting on weight at Christmas, Angela will help you detox and gain your sparkle and ideal weight in the New Year.

Angela Falaschi

Angela is offering a special reduced rate for her weight loss programme. More details